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John Goerzen orphans offlineimap

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There are things that break my heart badly… such as this. This tool is by far the fastest imap sync tool I’ve ever used (including the ones integrated in apps such as Thunderbird), works great on my poor internet connection, and I love to use it with Mutt.

Luckily enough, the tool is far enough for a regular gmail account, and as such I will keep it till it starts segfaulting due to an incompatible dependency upgrade :***

So… thanks John Goerzen for the time spent on this fantastic tool. Sometimes I wish I had studied programming instead of language so I could maintain apps that I like and get unmaintained.

And I also hope you (John) will become unsatisfied with imap mail fetchers once again :)

Written by elric80

June 21, 2010 at 12:03 pm

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