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gnome-mplayer Nautilus preview in Debian

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I wanted to get rid of totem for good, and stick to just one app for videos on gnome. I chose mplayer (and its frontend gnome-mplayer), as I already used smplayer on KDE/Arch. One thing I really like about nautilus/totem is the audio/video details (as well as audio preview) and I wanted that if possible. I found our gnome-mplayer offers it, yet Debian’s gnome-mplayer package isn’t compiled with nautilus support.

Since I wanted it badly (and I was bored), I rebuilt the package from debianized sources with “apt-get source”, but setting –enable-nautilus in debian/rules, and installed libnautilus-extension-dev, a build-dep not stated on Debian’s package control files. Besides that, the package is as it is from the repo in sid, built using proper Debian tools and following this awesome tutorial in Debian’s forums. Since it’s already built, I thought to share. Feel free to download. gnome-player built on Squeeze.



This enabled the preview page in nautilus properties window as in the picture above. In order to gain audio preview by hovering the mouse (with nautilus icon view) over the icons after removing totem, I had to install gstreamer0.10-tools from the repos. Some old posts state mpg321/123 and vorbis-tools are required for this, yet it didn’t work for me.

Thanks to all the mplayer and diverse frontends devs for their efforts!

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March 3, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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