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First packages in AUR

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I’ve uploaded some PKGBUILDs for the first time. I hope somebody will find them useful, and that I’ll be able to get at least one (vim-doc-es) into Debian’s archives.

Mailcheck is a great tool that allows to check for local or remote (IMAP or POP) mailboxes or maildirs. I use it to check my local maildirs for Mutt, and to issue a notice when there are any new mails.

vim-doc-es is just a package to allow an easy install to those you want the Spanish translation of Vim’s helpfiles.

vim-po and vim-po-fork are tools (particularly the later) that help me a big deal when it comes to translate PO files. The second is definitely the plugin I use the most.

I hope I can get more useful (at least to me) packages into AUR.

Written by elric80

December 5, 2010 at 1:25 pm

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