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Aplicaciones de las TIC en los Estudios Ingleses: Unit 3 final questions

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What do you think about this unit? I found the information was really interesting, uncovering many topics I knew nothing about.

Did you already you know the tools presented? I knew the most extended tools, like general social media. However, I was unaware of such specific CoP tools.

Have you learnt anything new? Indeed, I’ve learnt about CoPs and many other tools also covering professional needs.

Do you consider now a key point to work in collaboration in order to study any topic?

Regarding UNED studies, I don’t consider it to be crucial since the teaching and learning methods proposed allows for individual activity. However, it’s quite beneficial since it allows for the contrast, correction and growth of ideas.

What do you think about UNED Community? Sincerely, I’ve always found it to be extremely helpful to clarify doubts or tiny aspects of information, leading to a better understanding of the topics covered in each subject.

Do you consider yourself as a part of a CoP after having taken part at UNED virtual courses as an active
member? Yes, although I’m far from belonging to the group of most active students.

Do you have any sense of community after these four years? Yes, of course, bit by bit :)

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