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Listening… Jesu

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  • Country: England
  • Record Company: Hydra Head
  • Style: Ambient Music, Downtempo, Pop, Post-Metal
  • Favorite Album: Conqueror

Jesu was formed in 2003 after the breakup of Godflesh, Justin Broadrick‘s most well-known project.

Jesu isn’t that well-known, though, as the musical idea behind it can be sometimes harder to listen to, even more experimental. However, although Godflesh was a metal-industrial band, you can say that Justin took the sound and the dense, suffocating atmosphere to his next project.
Downtuned guitars, heavy, slow and repetitive rhythms are still here, although there is a bigger emphasis on the atmosphere created, and a switch to clean vocals. He may not be the best singer around, but he does hit a nerve. Definitely, the strangest marriage ever heard between dark crushing guitars and the emotional delicacy heard in the voice and the melodies.

Whatever you listen to, you must give Jesu a shot, you’ll love it. Just sit and relax.

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October 30, 2009 at 10:59 pm

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